We didn't know Ruby till Grandma gave us her photographs in 1962.  I have liked to think about her and her dashing physician husband Pope, my grandfather's next-oldest sibling.  Pope was born in 1870, Lem born 1874.  We heard about Pope Brown, an uncle known to John and his younger sibs, but of Ruby only a few details: Ruby Welch born February 17, 1876.  She lived in Hammond NY, a village set near but not on the St Lawrence, on the south bank northeast of Alexandria Bay.  Pope returned to Potsdam from Philadelphia with a 3-year MD degree from University of Pennsylvania's 'Medical Department' in 1894, and set-up his practice.  He married Ruby in 1896.  Is that the year this portrait was taken, when Ruby was 20?  Two years later, their daughter Alice Welch Brown was born.  After this, Ruby fades from view.  There is another photo of Pope, a faded or sun-bleached snapshot of him on a porch swing, wearing a doughboy hat and holding an infant.  Was he visiting Lem later in life?  Which of Lem's children plays the infant?  Silvia?  Grace, the youngest, Kathy Dorman's mother, born 1920?  Then I found, on the Internet, a summary of an interview of Pope, possibly from 1931.  Pope had enlisted (at 47) in 1917, a 1st Lt in the US Medical Corps with the 32nd division, in action at the front and later with the army of Occupation.  He was discharged, at 49, June 1919.  And in 1920, Ruby had a son!  They named him Gary Brown.  She was 44 that year.  I like to think that they were genuinely glad to be together again.